Top 5 Derm Approved Ways To Eliminate Ingrowns and Razor Bumps Down There For Good...

We can collectively agree that ingrown hairs and razor bumps are the absolute worst. They're inconvenient, annoying, and they really get under the skin.

Ingrown hairs might make you feel self-conscious and self-aware, so much that you might not be able to enjoy yourself as much as you would without them.. not being able to wear your new favorite bikini, wearing T-shirts by the pool, and dramatically dodging out of every photo.

Many ladies have accepted that these ugly bumps and marks would just about always be a part of their shaving routine. Ingrown hairs and razor burns ruin their day or vacation, raise unwanted attention from nosey relatives and friends, and have tried multiple ingrown hair removal products to get rid of them...

Or even tried dry brushing, in shower scrubs, exfoliating before shaving, sugar waxing, all the pre- and post-shave lotions and moisturizers, and yet, still can’t seem to get around pesky razor bumps and ingrown hairs that always seem to pop up when shaving

If you've used products in the past that didn't work, it's not your fault.

All you need is 10-20 spare minutes and a few good products to get things looking prepped, polished, and beach-ready.

Not that pubic hair's a bad thing. Feel free to embrace it - but also don't feel bad about wanting to get rid of it.

If you're wondering how to shave your bikini line without red bumps, cuts, and ingrown hairs, you’re in luck. We've got the best tips (and skincare products!) for a super smooth, close shave minus skin irritation.

1. Moisturize and exfoliate

No matter what, you should never be shaving without some sort of shaving cream. Work up a thick lather over your hair, and reapply frequently. This will ensure you get a smooth shave and aren’t left with any irritating razor bumps.

To prevent your hair getting clogged by dead skin, it’s a smart move to exfoliate before shaving. This will get rid of any dead skin that’s clogging the hairs, allowing them to grow in the right direction.

2. Only use a sharp razor.

Make sure your blade is sharp and clean! 

With a dull razor, you’ll likely have to go over the skin multiple times, raising your risk of cutting yourself, irritating your skin, and, possibly, getting an ingrown hair or infection.

As soon as your hair becomes difficult to shave or the hair starts getting caught in the razor, it’s time to change your blade. This ensures you get a clean cut and is less likely to lead to ingrown hairs.  

3. Shave in the direction that your hair is growing.

Going against your hair’s grain may allow for a closer shave, but the closer the shave, the easier it is for your hair to curl back into your skin. So shaving with the grain is one easy way to help prevent ingrown hairs.

The right shaving technique will go a long way to avoiding skin irritation and ingrown hairs. 

4. Resist the temptation to pull at your skin for a closer shave.

Stretching your skin tight during shaving allows the tips of the remaining hair to shrink back into your skin and grow there, the Mayo Clinic explains. From there, they can easily become ingrown hairs. 

Do your best to let your skin sit naturally while shaving.

5. Use an Ingrown Hair Serum

Now it's time to soothe any inflammation, irritation, a by slathering your skin in a nourishing, hydrating serum. Look for ingredients like aloe vera, willow bark extract, and citrus acids, which are all known for their calming properties.

We highly recommend Adana Skin's Ingrown Hair Serum. It's is made with all-natural, proven ingredients that will quickly soften your skin and hair in your most sensitive areas, relieve redness after shaving or waxing, and leave your bikini line looking silky smooth, and improve the look of ingrown hairs, razor burn, hyperpigmentation, and bumps!